Zodiac Series

Make Your Mark with the Limited Edition Zodiac Series.  Available in 12 astrological signs, a limited edition tarot card will be delivered with every purchase. 

Self-reliant, patient and ambitious. A Capricorn flourishes in situations of challenge.
Persistence is accompanied by well-earned rewards as your time is dedicated to reputational recognition. Your grit enables you to scale the mountain of social hierarchy, achieving new heights.

This coming month, counteract negative connotations with your resilient mindset. Envisioning successes are your greatest asset.

Free spirited, eccentric and a whimsical dreamer.
Aquarians aspire to make the world a better place.
This coming month is a transformative time for you and a wonderful opportunity to surround yourself with joy and bliss. But remember, Aquarians need plenty of space and time on their own to reflect, form ideas and plan their revolution.

This coming month it’s your chance to enact change.

Selfless, compassionate and intuitive. You are a person that is characterised by your empathy and expressed emotion towards others.  Keeping those close to you happy can become a full time job -be sure to set some limits this coming month. Tap into your empowering energy and proactively initiate changes to establish inner strength. Show the universe what you’re capable of.

Passionate and independent, an Aries will never do something just because everyone else is doing it. You will always achieve your goals whether its landing your dream job or travelling out of familiar territory.

This coming month, slow down and give yourself a chance to adapt and embrace other ways of doing, seeing and being. 

Practical, determined and honest, a Taurean is famous for rolling up their sleeves and working hard. However, what you perceive to be dedication can be seen by others as stubbornness.

This coming month marks a period of well deserved leisure. Enjoy relaxing in a serene environment with succulent flavours to satisfy your senses.  

Impulsive, Outgoing and Adaptable. A Gemini is naturally curious. An overzealous and adventurous personality can mean that your moods and interests are ever changing. Your adaptability allows you to be warmly welcomed into new situations and opportunities.

This coming month, take time to understand and interpret the different facets of your mind. A well endowed notebook will be a gracious friend. 

Deeply intuitive and loyal, Cancer is guided by emotion and their heart. If you’ve had a lack of motivation lately, you need to spend more time restimulating your essence as the most exciting adventures are those guided by emotional development. Your horizons will expand with the willingness to adopt a new perspective. This coming month marks a moment of growth.

Humorous, warm-hearted and passionate, a Leo is a natural leader. 

Born under the fearless and strong, you have high self-esteem and an immense sense of dignity. With an abundance of ambition, you are the first to be called upon. Make sure you take advantage of your strong desire for success, however be mindful of those in your journey. 

Practical, analytical and kind, a Virgo takes a methodical approach to life. You are a headstrong character, but one that has traditional values and prefers conservative practicality in your everyday life.

This coming month, avoid getting caught up in the small details as being overly critical is a misuse of your precious energy. Get ready to take on the world with a clear mind.

Peaceful, fair and gracious. A Libra loves sharing their harmony with others. You love being surrounded by friends, but at moments of confrontation you will endeavour to avoid it.

This coming month you may be tested with individuals attempting to take advantage of your generous nature, remind yourself of your inner values and keep your dignity in tact. 

Brave, passionate and a true friend.  A Scorpio should never be tread on. At times, your curiosity can get the better of you, as you fixate on investigating problems.

This coming month marks a moment of disengaging from the chaos around you. Avoid letting others opinions sway your decisions and keep your routine clear with afternoon meditation. There is no perfect journey, enjoy the ride. 

Optimistic, enthusiastic and generous. A Sagittarian seeks diversity. Preferring a winding path, you achieve most by seeking alternative resolutions. Born to explore, extended idling periods fuel your deep-rooted desire to travel.

This coming month, move away from familiarity and thrust yourself into uncertainty. Freedom is one of your greatest treasures.